UCTRONICS for Raspberry Pi 4 Rerouting Board with POE Functionality, OLED Display, Power Switch and SD Adapter Board

UCTRONICS for Raspberry Pi 4 Rerouting Board with POE Functionality, OLED Display, Power Switch and SD Adapter Board

  • You Will Be Getting: 1pcs rerouting board with PoE function, 1 pcs power switch, 1 pcs OLED display, 1 pcs SD card adapter, 1pcs screen sticker, and 1 pack of screws.
  • Power Over Ethernet HAT for Raspberry Pi 4: This rerouting board with PoE functionality Support PoE Network and can be used with UCTRONICS ultimate 1U rack (ASIN: B091GGQDL2).
  • Re-locate: This RPi 4 rerouting board makes all IO ports on one side, easy to connect the cables and access the SD card, improve the cable management.
  • Simple to Turn On & Off: This kit includes an easy-to-use on/off switch that allows you to do a safe shutdown without plugging the power cable.
  • UCTRONICS 3.5 Inch Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi 4, HDMI TFT LCD Mini Display with Stylus Pen for Pi 4 B, 3 B+

  • Video-Audio Joy: 480 x 320 display resolution (HDMI input resolution supports 480*320 to 1920*1280 any resolution); 3.5mm audio/headphone jack makes the display no longer silent.
  • Perfect for Raspberry Pi 4: Micro HDMI adapter included, hassle-free connection to Raspberry Pi 4; Also compatible with all other Model A&B series.
  • Efficient heat dissipation: This screen is mounted with a brushless quiet fan and powerful heat dissipation, you don't need to worry about the overheating problems and the noise.
  • More Features: supports HDMI audio split; Refreshes up to 60 frames per second; The backlight can be turned on/off. Plug & Play: Don’t need to reboot the Pi when connected and it doesn’t require any external power supply.
  • Portable Touchscreen: the overall dimension of this tiny screen is 3.38”×2.20” (86mm×56mm), and the included stylus, heatsinks, and HDMI adapters make this kit completed and convenient to use.
  • UCTRONICS for Raspberry Pi 4 PoE HAT with Cooling Fan, Mini Power Over Ethernet Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi 4 B, 3 B+ and Rackmount

  • This PoE HAT can be used with raspberry pi 3 model B+ and raspberry pi 4 model B (Raspberry Pi boards are not included).
  • Output Power: DC 5V (2.5A Max); Total Power Budget: 12.5W; IEEE 802.3af Compliant
  • Smaller Size: Save more space, no hassle to assemble with the Raspberry Pi and mount on the rackmount.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control: the 25mm×25mm brushless cooling fan will turn automatically when the temperature of the processor is high.
  • NOTE: The network switch or power sourcing equipment (PSE) is needed to supply the PoE signal, and they must be compliant with the IEEE 802.3af or 802.3at PoE standard, particularly section 33.4.1 with regards to PSE electrical isolation of the leads. For the non-isolated switch, such as some Ubiquiti switches can not provide proper isolation, they can only work with CAT 5E and CAT 6E network cable.
  • UCTRONICS Ultimate Rack with PoE Functionality for Raspberry Pi 4, 19" 1U Rackmount with PoE HAT, All IO on One Side, OLED Display, Power Switch, and Cooling Fan

  • Improvement - PoE Functionality: The adapter board was turned to reroute all those ports into a full-functioning Power Over Ethernet HAT, and it’s compatible with any PoE switches.
  • VISIBLE: A 0.91 inch OLED screen, the first line shows the IP address, and he second line loops through three rows: the CPU temp & usage, SD card space usage and memory usage. You can also program it to show something else.
  • Re-locate: Remove all of the I/O ports and SD card slot to the front to access easily, and the push-button switch allows you to do a shutdown without having to command it from the OS or unplugging the power cable.
  • Effective Cooling: The rerouting boards assembled with a cooling fan, which provides powerful heat dissipation to keep the Rpi from overheating.
  • UCTRONICS PoE Splitter USB-C 5V - Active PoE to USB-C Adapter, IEEE 802.3af Compliant for Raspberry Pi 4, Google WiFi, Security Cameras, and More

  • What is it - A UCTRONICS PoE splitter to split the PoE signal into 5V USB-C power supply and gigabit Ethernet in RJ45 so that non-PoE devices can be powered over Ethernet.
  • What is PoE – Deliver power and data with a single Ethernet cable for fewer wall plugs and messed cables. Extend powerline to where no AC outlets are nearby, up to 300 feet away from the power source
  • Why PoE to USB-C – A cost-effective way to add plug-and-play PoE support to 5V USB-C powered devices and make full use of PoE switches, or for a Raspberry Pi 4 setup where a PoE HAT is not applicable
  • What else needed - You need an IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE switch or injector to serve as the PSE (Power Source Equipment) and an Ethernet cable with PoE signal to feed the splitter.
  • Note – 1. This splitter does not support PD or QC fast charging protocols. 2. This splitter provides a maximum output of 2.4A with its 802.3af compliance. Check B07V35DH5F for power-hungry applications. 3. Just put the split Ethernet aside if you don’t need the data. 4. The Split Ethernet cable does not carry power anymore.
  • UCTRONICS 7 Inch IPS Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi 4, 1024×600 Capacitive HDMI LCD Touchscreen Monitor Portable Display for Raspberry Pi 4 B, 3 B+, Windows 10 8 7 (Free Driver)

  • Video-audio Joy: 1024 x 600 pixels high resolution (support up to 1920 x 1080 input and auto-scaling). 178° wide viewing angle and adjustable backlight make sure high visual quality; 3.5mm audio/headphone jack makes the display no longer silent.
  • Perfect for Raspberry Pi 4: Micro HDMI adapter included, hassle-free connection to Raspberry Pi 4
  • Capacitive Multi-touch: higher touchscreen sensitivity, easy to control; 5 points Multi-Touch capability (require OS and software support)
  • Plug and Play: Can be connected to almost any device with an HDMI input and touch control through the USB connection, you don’t need to install any drive.
  • Wide Compatibility: compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B and all other Model A&B series, can also work as a general-purpose compact touchscreen monitor. Please search ASIN B085MY9HNX to get the screen with stand.
  • UCTRONICS 4 Pack Micro HDMI to HDMI Adapter Boards for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

  • You Will Be Getting: 4 pcs Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter boards and 8 mounting screws.
  • Designed for Raspberry Pi 4: Connects to Raspberry Pi 4 B board seamlessly, converts the micro HDMI to normal HDMI, eliminates the need for adapters.
  • Minimizes Cable Clutter: Relocated HDMI ports to make all IO ports on one side, making cable management a breeze, yet provides full access to the Raspberry Pi itself.
  • Easy to Connect: Align the Micro HDMI side and plugs into the Micro HDMI ports of the Pi, there are reserved 2 mounting holes on the board, can be used to fix the board to a panel with included screws.
  • Small Size: The overall dimension is 2.75"*1.1"*1.14", perfect for connecting the pi and mounted in multiple elegant little cases and used as a desktop.
  • UCTRONICS Complete Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Cluster, with 4 Removable Mounting Brackets for Pi 4 and 2 Cooling Fans

  • Complete Case - Designed to house Raspberry Pi 4 B boards, 2.5” SSDs and ethernet switch in a cluster configuration in both a small and convenient form factor, please note it doesn't support Raspberry Pi 3B/B+ and the older models. Note: It comes disassembled and needs to be installed briefly before use.
  • Front Removable - Each baseplate is independent so as to easily slide in-and-out, just fixed with two screws, allowing you very convenient and quick access to each node within the cluster for maintenance.
  • Full Metal Built - Every piece is made of a nice and sturdy gauge of 1.2mm carbon steel, matte black powder coat finish, have nothing breaking off, paint chips, sharp exposed edges (plate corners are rounded off smooth).
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation - Dual 8cm 5V cooling fans provide enough airflow to keep your RPis cool quietly, with a convenient connector and free of light pollution, which cools all the devices in the cluster.
  • Hassle-Free - Easy to assemble, just takes you a few minutes to twist the screws following the included guide, two cuts on the top panel to hold the SSD for fixing; Compact design, takes up less space, can be put in any narrow position.
  • Enough Space - An opening of 6.61” x 1.26” (168mm x 32mm) for ethernet switch on the bottom, compatible with most 5 port and 8 port switches, and also leave lots of room for cable management and hide any cables from the raspberry pi's themselves.
  • Option - The micro SD card adapter is coming soon, please check ASIN B09CKRDFTH, which helps you access the SD card without anything removed; There are also reserved mounting holes for our SSD case, you can search for ASIN B093GS3X8J to get it.
  • UCTRONICS for Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply with Switch, 5V 3A USB Type C Charger Adapter with 3.3ft ON/Off Switch Cable, Black

  • Input: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz; Output: DC 5V/3.0A; USB C Cable: 3.3' (1m).
  • Power PRi 4 Perfectly: Provide enough power for your Raspberry Pi 4, no more complaints about a power shortage ever.
  • With Switch: No longer need to plug or unplug to turn on/off the Rpi 4, effectively reduces wear and tear of the Raspberry Pi power port caused by plugging.
  • Easy to Use: Easy to connect, the on/off switch comes in handy to control the power supply easily.
  • CE authentication, better protect your powered device. Search for ASIN B08C9VYLLK to get the black one, search for ASIN B08C7HZ97L and B08C74XVBS to get the USB C extension cable with switch.
  • UCTRONICS Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable for Raspberry Pi 4 B, 6 Inch Micro-HDMI Male to HDMI Female Adapter Cable 15cm [2 Pack]

  • NOTE: this is micro HDMI to HDMI adapter cable, not micro USB
  • New Generation: compliant with HDMI 1.4 standard, support 4K, 1080P full HD resolution
  • Stable and Durable: the shield of 4 layer tin-copper can block interference effectively; the gold plated connector can maintain a good condition after repeated plug and pull
  • Superior Performance: transmit both audio and video at high speed and keep the high-resolution picture from your device
  • Wide Compatibility: this cable can be used for raspberry pi 4 b, HD TV, HD digital camera, tablet computer, projector, etc.